MARGEC'S Creamhorn

Glad I was able to savor the cream horn goodness today. After returning home from Bacolod, I noticed a new pasalubong shop at E. Lopez, Jaro and found out that they are selling cream horns. I was eager to try one since I totally forgot the taste. Luckily, my brother bought some for his daughter's birthday and I was able to try one. A cream horn is a pastry made with flaky or puff pastry, filled with a sweet yema.

I actually liked the puff pastry but the yema inside is just too sweet. The price is kinda a little expensive. My brother bought 6 pieces for P98. I prefer Merci's napoleones over these cream horns.

Spoon Rating:
4 spoon = VERY GOOD taste  3 spoon = GOOD price


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