Biscocho Haus is not your ordinary pasalubong shop. It has been around since 1975 and for almost four decades it has been an Ilonggo's favorite. They sell baked goods and some of their top sellers are Banadas, Boat Tart, Barquiron, Butterscotch and Biscocho. However, due to emerging demand for sweet and unique treats they have come up with some exciting desserts.

Campfire S'mores

I really loved S'mores that's why I tried Biscocho Haus' own version. The presentation was nice. It was placed in a small pan above a chopping board. Inside the pan was a melted chocolate topped with marshmallow and a 4-5 pieces of graham crackers on the side. The taste was good and was too sweet. I thinked S'mores are intended to be that sweet because of the marshmallows on it, but so far it was good. It can be shared by 2 persons for 90 pesos.

Hot Choco Float

Their Hot Choco Float was also good. It was placed in a mason jar topped with Vanilla Ice Cream. At first when I took a sip of it, it tasted like milo (chocolate powdered drink) and was bland. However, when you mix the vanilla ice cream with the hot choco that's where you get to appreciate its good taste. It tasted yummy and delicious; a perfect pair for the Campfire S'mores.

This exciting desserts are available at Biscocho Haus Atria, Plazuela and Pavia. Here are some of what they offer:

Photo credits from Original Biscocho Haus

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