Iloilo's Hungry Ninja

My mom, my aunt and I was very hungry yesterday because we didn't eat for breakfast and lunch. When dinner came, I started to feel dizzy and at the same time my stomach growling. Thus, we immediately looked for a place to eat. My mom decided to eat at a restaurant that serves grilled chicken, but I told her "let's try to eat at Hungry Ninja". Since I haven't eaten there, I am eager to try out their dishes. So, we all decided to eat there and fed our hungry stomachs.

Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick: Off Beat Pink

I was never into cosmetics before. However, going to job interviews after college requires me to. This is where I started to buy cosmetics little by little. I bought them from brands like J&J, Nichido, Ever Bilena and Careline. Since I haven't discovered that there are blogs on makeup, I just bought mine from brands I encounter at the department store. I usually prefer the affordable ones that suit my budget.

JD Bakeshop: Square Goodies

Since I was a kid, I was a fan of JD Bakeshop. My mom and my siblings would usually eat there. JD Bakeshop is the biggest and more established bakeshop in the city of Iloilo. It serves a wide selection of breads, sweet treats, cakes, snacks, viand, and pasalubong. It has around 4 branches in Iloilo City. JD has been on it's operation for many years and still being a hit to consumers. Last week, I decided to eat at JD Bakeshop located in General Luna Street. I was thinking and looking for sweets and so, I searched over their wide array of display. Since, it's been a long time that I haven't eaten in their bakeshop I decided to try their new treats. I chose to order their 6 new treats and enjoy it's goodness. I chose Cappucino Square, Coconut Lime Square, Popcorn Butterscotch, White Chocolate Pineapple Square, Choco Peanut Square and Coffee Peanut Square.

1) White Chocolate Pineapple Square, 2) Coffee Peanut Square, 3) Popcorn Butterscotch, 4) Choco Peanut Square, 5) Coconut Lime Square, 6) Cappucino Square (not in picture)

Mang Inasal: Saging Melt

It was a hot day and I decided to eat something cold like Halo-halo. However, my mom and my sister wanted to eat rice and chicken in Mang Inasal. So, I decided to go with them thinking in mind that they have a cold dessert in their menu. When we arrived at their restaurant, "Saging Melt" caught my eye. Saging Melt is a combination of crushed ice, banana, evaporated milk, peanuts, vanilla ice cream and barquillos. It looks like halo-halo but with lesser ingredients and with banana as the main component.


Every time I'm passing by Mang Inasal restaurant, I'm always thinking of eating their yummy chicken and unlimited rice. Indeed, Mang Inasal is a big hit fast-food chain in the Philippines. It has a total of 228 branches  nationwide. Their menu mainly consist of grilled chicken and other sought-after Filipino dishes. You couldn't resist eating their famous tasty chicken inasal.
Recently they have intoduced their new addition to their menu which is "Dinuguan at Puto" which is a popular Filipino dish.

The Kikay Chronicles: Ever Bilena Matte Lipsticks

The Kikay Chronicles: Ever Bilena Matte Lipsticks: Recently, I've been wearing lipstick almost everyday (I just used lipstain before for daily use) and I don't find it practical to go through...

Be a Chocoholic with Goya

Looking for a sweet treat that's right for your budget? then GOYA chocolates is the answer. GOYA chocolates is an export quality that is a Philippine made product. Their mission is "to provide fun giving and great tasting premium quality chocolates that can be enjoyed by people from all ages."

The Skin Food

Few days ago, I attended a workshop on how to apply make-up organized by the people who worked for Skin Food. At first, I didn't know there would be a workshop, but thanks to my father's co-worker who invited us to the event. I learned a lot during the workshop. The speaker told us many tips on how to take good care of our skin especially our face and a step-by-step on how to apply make-up. She also shared with us the different products of skin food and the benefits we could get by using them. After the speaker had talked, I have realized that it is better to use skin products made from fruits and vegetables. Using Skin Food products, doesn't only make your skin looks glowing but at the same time prevents your face from having wrinkles.

Upon registration, my sisters and I were given these free SKIN FOOD products. ;)

Fashionable Nail Art Designs

I am a nail art fan. I like the idea of how I can decorate my nails and make them look attractive. I started to be eager about it back in 2010. I first learned how to do it by watching a nail art tutorial video in Youtube. Then there it followed where I bought nail polishes of different shades. I also started to look for more nail art designs and enjoyed placing it on my nails.

This is my favorite nail art design!

Doughnuts Recipe (homemade)

When a boring day sets in, I would usually think of ways to entertain myself. I would read a book, watch television, do web surfing, or sometimes do baking. One sunny afternoon while I was watching Giada De Laurentiis show in Lifestyle channel, I was able to get the recipe of her Italian doughnuts. I loved watching her show, she cooked deliciously and so appetizing. The next day, I tried to cook and I was glad of the result. The doughnuts tasted good especially with my chocolate dip. Unfortunately, I didn't get its right shape. It should be round like munchkins not a flat one. However, I didn't mind about it since I was after its taste. 


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