Tie-Dyed & Studded Shorts

Studs are everywhere and fashionable.
Wearing these statement shorts will definitely liven up your wardrobe.

Calea's ice cream cake

Calea, the best selling cake shop in Bacolod City. Yup, you read it right. Calea is the most popular shop selling scrumptious and mouth-watering cakes. Whenever, I went there I tried to eat their great tasting cakes especially the chocolate one. The last time I went there, I decided to try their ice cream cake since my friends told me that it tasted good. I asked the waitress for their best selling ice cream cake and she gave me this.

 Chocolate ice cream cake

The taste was great and the serving was a big one. It would cost you P98 per slice. I recommend you to try one for yourself and experience the goodness of Calea cakes. It's a definitely must try.

Spoon Rating:

5 spoon = EXCELLENT taste  5 spoon = EXCELLENT price

The Ruins

I went to Bacolod last June and my aunt brought us to The Ruins. When I arived there I was really amazed of the mansion. The place was great and it brings me back to the Spanish era. As I was strolling inside the mansion, I get to discover the history and learned that the house was burned down years years ago so that Japanese soldiers couldn't make it as their headquarters.


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