Calea's ice cream cake

Calea, the best selling cake shop in Bacolod City. Yup, you read it right. Calea is the most popular shop selling scrumptious and mouth-watering cakes. Whenever, I went there I tried to eat their great tasting cakes especially the chocolate one. The last time I went there, I decided to try their ice cream cake since my friends told me that it tasted good. I asked the waitress for their best selling ice cream cake and she gave me this.

 Chocolate ice cream cake

The taste was great and the serving was a big one. It would cost you P98 per slice. I recommend you to try one for yourself and experience the goodness of Calea cakes. It's a definitely must try.

Spoon Rating:

5 spoon = EXCELLENT taste  5 spoon = EXCELLENT price

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