Chowking's Chow Pao

Chow Pao is the newest addition to Chowking's menu. It consists of a chinese bun, sauteed vegetables, and either chicken, beef, or sausage. Chow Pao has 4 different variants and they are Chinese Sausage, Braised Chicken, Chunky Beef, and Chinese Sausage Special. You can grab one now at a price of P25. Affordable right?! Yes it is, for this delicious treat.

I decided to order the braised chicken since I knew it would be delicious. The chinese bun tasted like the dough used for siopao. It is soft and very tasty to eat. The inside consist of braised chicken, cabbage, tofu and some sesame seeds. As I can see in the commercial, the sauteed vegetables have carrots in it but I didn't see one on my Chow Pao. However, without the carrots my Chow Pao is still awesome. The chicken was tender and flavorful. As I was eating it bite after bite, I remember the taste of chopsuey placed inside the dough of a siopao. I never knew it would taste that good. I'm planning to try their other variants on my next stop to Chowking. Price is at P49 with no drink.

Spoon Rating:
5 spoon = EXCELLENT taste  4 spoon = VERY GOOD price

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