Finding a perfect lip balm? If you're looking for a lip gloss and at the same time a lip tint then you should try Maybelline's Lip Balm. It is a Lip Smooth & Care Tinted Balm with SPF 16. It has six shades which include Strawberry, Cherry, Rose Red, Mandarin, Dolly Rose, and Cranberry.

I bought mine a couple of weeks ago and I never regret buying it. It was the perfect balm I was looking for. If you're not a fan of lipsticks then this would be the one. It gives you the gloss and the tint which I really like. The great thing about it is the SPF 16 that can protect your lips. Thus, I recommend you to use this kind of balm especially this summer. It is the right kind for chapped lips which can moisturize and give a shield from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It comes in a tube and easy to use. It's also handy and can fit in your pocket. It has a fruity fragrance and can stay on my lips for an hour or so. It's very cheap and I got mine from Watsons and it only cost P89 or almost $2. ;)

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