My top 1 destination is the newly opened BEARLAND PARADISE RESORT. If you're looking for a setting of a pool and a beach, then this is the perfect place. I think it opened a month ago. It is owned by a German whom my family and I met and talked to when we went there. He was such an approachable and friendly person. He even gets to joke us while we were having conversation. It is located in Tigbauan a 30-40 minutes drive from the city. When you arrived at Bearland, you should first pay a P150 entrance fee per head. While if you are going to swim you should pay an additional P150 and that makes P300 per head. However, if you would like to get a canopy then you need to pay P100. This maybe a bit expensive but wait until you see the beauty of the place.

The kiddie pool with a slide and a fountain.

The infinity pool with a sunken bar and a jacuzzi facing the beach is my favorite attraction.

This is what I really wanted in a resort. The presence of a pool and the sea breeze. The setup was awesome just like in Boracay except their beach sand. Their bar offers food and drinks but their main restaurant is still under construction. Bringing your own food has no corkage. However outside chips and drinks are not allowed.

You could also swim in their beach if you like.

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