Every time I'm wearing my clothes, I always wanted to dress with my own style. I want to be different and to show other people my own definition of being fashionable. My clothes are not branded and I usually bought them from thrift stores. However, I don't care about that as long as I am comfortable with what I'm wearing. Last week, I decided to wear a head scarf and I loved it. I never knew that it could be a great fashion accessory. Thus, I planned on wearing it this season to improve my look.

Scarves have been a great fashion statement. It is also been very helpful to both men and women in anything they would like to use it. Since its summer time, there could be instances where we could have bad hair days. We could not get rid of these, but we can if we have our handy scarves with us. Scarves can be very useful especially during summer, where the weather is very hot and we wanted to protect our crowning glory which is our hair. We could use different styles of wrap to protect our hair while being fashionable. So, here are a couple of styles I would like to share with you. Enjoy tying ;)

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