What is a roti? Roti is a heavy bread with a chewy, tough consistency. It can be seasoned or served plain. It is originated in India. However, roti is also well known in Trinidad and in other parts of Carribean.

Panadero Ilonggo is not your ordinary bakeshop. Aside from the delicious bread they offer they also let you indulge in their savory roti.

Roti, I Love You
with strawberries and vanilla ice cream

Roti Delight
with 3 dips (Garlic yogurt, Babaganoush, Hummus)

Cinnamon roll & Ensaymada

Ham and Cheese & Hawaiian bread

These are only a few of what they served. But wait, there's more you have to try and discover for yourself like their Focaccia bread, Sylvannas, French macaroons, and their other Roti variants (Roti-nana, Roti-blue).

Here's what they serve..

With their cute lighting fixtures

With the owner, Gigi Sy and the Iloilo bloggers
(photo credits to Panadero Ilonggo)

FB Page: Panadero Ilonggo
Tabuc Suba Jaro, Iloilo City
Opening Hours: 7:30am-7:30pm

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