Introducing the relaunch of Greenwich's Crispy Thins. A pizza made for thin crust lovers that's oozing with flavor and great taste. The good thing about Crispy Thins is that you can savor the goodness of every ingredient on it. It's because of the less crust means more flavor to be enjoyed and experienced.

It comes in 5 delectable flavors: All-Meat, Hawaiian, 7 Cheese, Pepperoni & Signature

As a part of the relaunch, Greenwich introduces Yassmin Isabel Pressman as their newest member. Her launch as part of the Greenwich barkada kicks off via the Greenwich Crispy Thins. As she quote, There's no schedule when I eat the Greenwich Signature Crispy Thins. I just crave for it then I give in and have a bite or two. Sometimes more!

Another new in their menu is this Choco Banana Crisp. If you have a sweet tooth, then you'll probably dig in for this. It's a banana on a pizza drizzled with nutella.

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