Being a fashionista doesn't mean over accessorizing or buying all the latest trends in the market. You can still be one, if you know how to use your resources. Just like what I did with my old shirts which I turned to tshirt yarn into tshirt cuff. This was really a great idea especially if you have old tshirts stocked at your closet. Now, I'm gonna show you how...

(the brown and pink cuff is another style)

Tshirt yarn

1. Prepare 6 tshirt yarn. (to know how to make a tshirt yarn TSHIRT YARN) Color depends on you. (mine is, 2 pinks, 4 violet) You should make a knot first and taped it to a table.
2. Make a knot with the left yarn in first then the right yarn. 
3. After the left yarn goes in, let the right yarn followed.
4. Let the right yarn goes inside the left yarn.
5. Tighten the knot.
6. This should how it look. Repeat steps 2-6 until it reach the end.
7. Place it in your arm and make a knot to the first top knot you made. Then trim excess yarn.
8. Voila your done! :)

Always remember...Be Positive & Be Creative! :)

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