Floyd's Famous BBQ

I really missed my college friends and so with Floyd's. Floyd's famous bbq had been my favorite lunch during my college days. During that time, I fell in love with Floyd's bbq. It tasted really good especially with their java rice and atsara or pickles. Floyd's Famous bbq had been a hit to many Ilonggo's because of their good tasting bbq's. Their menu is not limited since they also offer other dishes like soup, appetizers, desserts, etc. You can also drink beer or hang out at their place. They have 3 branches available in the city and they offer delivery. So what are you waiting for, grab Floyd's famous bbq now! Happy eating ;)

Their famous pork bbq was very tasty and delicious. The java rice is also great top with fried garlic. The meal also consist of an appetizer which was the atsara or pickles. Eating the 2pcs pork bbq with java rice would lead you to a memorable experience at Floyd's. It is also very affordable and priced at P70 with a glass of iced tea.

Spoon Rating:
5 spoon = EXCELLENT taste 5 spoon = EXCELLENT price

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