The Skin Food

Few days ago, I attended a workshop on how to apply make-up organized by the people who worked for Skin Food. At first, I didn't know there would be a workshop, but thanks to my father's co-worker who invited us to the event. I learned a lot during the workshop. The speaker told us many tips on how to take good care of our skin especially our face and a step-by-step on how to apply make-up. She also shared with us the different products of skin food and the benefits we could get by using them. After the speaker had talked, I have realized that it is better to use skin products made from fruits and vegetables. Using Skin Food products, doesn't only make your skin looks glowing but at the same time prevents your face from having wrinkles.

Upon registration, my sisters and I were given these free SKIN FOOD products. ;)

Step-by-step make-up tutorial

Makeover done!

SKIN FOOD products used during the tutorial.


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    1. Hi Chin,
      Thanks for dropping by. The workshop was just last Saturday at Purple Jazz in Amigo.



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