Be a Chocoholic with Goya

Looking for a sweet treat that's right for your budget? then GOYA chocolates is the answer. GOYA chocolates is an export quality that is a Philippine made product. Their mission is "to provide fun giving and great tasting premium quality chocolates that can be enjoyed by people from all ages."

From all other chocolates that is Philippine made, I think Goya is one of them that can compete best with other international brands. Goya chocolates tasted delicious just like branded ones and is very affordable. I know that Goya had been in the Philippine market for so long, but still they kept on producing new products to entice consumers.
Nowadays, I seldom buy chocolates in the grocery. If I would buy one, I would prefer over foreign brands. However, recently my dad got hospitalized and I would usually buy his medicines in pharmacies. One time, I was craving for chocolates and decided to buy one. I was looking for the cheaper one because I was thinking of the money left to be bought for more medicines. My eyes met "Goya Almonds in Milk Chocolate" and decided to buy it.

Eating the chocolate was amazing. I never imagined that Goya would taste that good and could be exported to other countries. I took one bite after the other and couldn't resist it's delicious taste. The next day, I decided to buy another one and enjoyed it's great taste. Since that day, I have never ignored Goya's chocolates every time I would pass by it.

Spoon Rating:
5 spoon = EXCELLENT taste and price

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