Iloilo's Hungry Ninja

My mom, my aunt and I was very hungry yesterday because we didn't eat for breakfast and lunch. When dinner came, I started to feel dizzy and at the same time my stomach growling. Thus, we immediately looked for a place to eat. My mom decided to eat at a restaurant that serves grilled chicken, but I told her "let's try to eat at Hungry Ninja". Since I haven't eaten there, I am eager to try out their dishes. So, we all decided to eat there and fed our hungry stomachs.

Hungry Ninja is an Asian inspired food from other country. It serves a variety of dishes that you can choose from that is cooked freshly hot and affordable.

Wanton noodle

Beef samurai

Chicken teriyaki

Mango float

their menu

  • Wanton noodle- tasted good but a little bit salty. Price is at P39.
  • Beef Samurai- beef is tender and I can taste ginger on my first bite. Price is at P49.
  • Chicken Teriyaki- taste yummy and delicious. It's also sweet and served hot. Price is at P49
  • Mango float- great taste, not so sweet and just right. Price is at P25.
The price is very affordable. You can also choose from their variety of dishes from rice toppings, noodles, stir fry, chicken, sandwiches, soup and desserts.

Spoon Rating:
5 spoon = EXCELLENT taste  5 spoon =EXCELLENT price

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  1. I must say the mango float is delicious. Also, hungry ninja's Halo-halo. Most of the times I eat in Hungry Ninja, I order the sweet chili chicken.
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