If your looking for a place to relax and be with your family and friends, then May's Organic Garden is the place to be. It is located at Sitio Aning, Pahanocoy, Bacolod City. When going there you could see a different ambiance since you are surrounded by organic veggies, trees and many other greens. They have also a restaurant which serves food that are fresh and comes from their organic garden. Going there would be a great experience especially if your a nature lover. You could do things there like boating and strolling around their beautiful place. They have also a resort located at the other side of the garden. They have pools their where you could take a swim, cottages and hammocks for your own relaxation. So guys, what are you waiting for try to visit this awesome place!


These are their comfort rooms. I was amazed to find out that they have a small toilet bowl just for kids. (how cute!)

At their restaurant

Organic veggies

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