These are just a couple of the fashion exhibits that can be found at Sm City Iloilo. You can see here that various Ilonggo designers are featured to showcase their talents and be proud of Ilonggo products. Here are some

 This shoe was designed by Ms. Nicole Calzado who had been in the fashion industry for a year and a half now. (Among her other designs, this was my favorite.)

Here's her other design..

This was one of Poli Abastillas work. I actually loved the details of this gown.

 His pieces looked great and fabulous.

These fashion accessories are designed by Mr. Chavez who sees fashion as a storybook, where every piece made has a story to tell.

 Here are Ms. Blithe handbags which she also designed. She was an accountant by profession and never had plan to be a bag designer.

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