Calea is the name for quality cakes that's sure to satisfy your wants and craving for a mouth -watering dessert.

Fruit cakes

Ice cream cakes

Cream puffs

Inside Calea's cake shop

Pecan pie

If I would be given an opportunity to franchise a cake shop, I would choose Calea's pastries & coffee. I really loved their cakes especially their chocolate ones. Even their pie tasted good with the pecan nuts. I also liked their big slice of servings which is good for two people. The interior design of their shop was great and so with the ambiance.
It is actually located at Lacson Street, Bacolod City. It is the most famous cake shop in the city. During weekends, lots of people would go there to hang-out and dine with friends and family. Last December, before heading home we decided to bought a cake for New Year's Eve. However, we were in awe when we found out that all their cakes were sold out and all is left were pies, ice cream cakes, fruit cakes and cream puffs. Thus, we decided to try their pecan pie and we didn't have regrets after all.
It tasted good especially the pecan nuts. It is best served with vanilla ice cream, since the filling inside seems to be too sweet. The pecan pie was at 550 pesos but it's worth it and delicious.
I would definitely be coming back to taste their other mouth-watering cakes and desserts.

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