JD Bakeshop: Square Goodies

Since I was a kid, I was a fan of JD Bakeshop. My mom and my siblings would usually eat there. JD Bakeshop is the biggest and more established bakeshop in the city of Iloilo. It serves a wide selection of breads, sweet treats, cakes, snacks, viand, and pasalubong. It has around 4 branches in Iloilo City. JD has been on it's operation for many years and still being a hit to consumers. Last week, I decided to eat at JD Bakeshop located in General Luna Street. I was thinking and looking for sweets and so, I searched over their wide array of display. Since, it's been a long time that I haven't eaten in their bakeshop I decided to try their new treats. I chose to order their 6 new treats and enjoy it's goodness. I chose Cappucino Square, Coconut Lime Square, Popcorn Butterscotch, White Chocolate Pineapple Square, Choco Peanut Square and Coffee Peanut Square.

1) White Chocolate Pineapple Square, 2) Coffee Peanut Square, 3) Popcorn Butterscotch, 4) Choco Peanut Square, 5) Coconut Lime Square, 6) Cappucino Square (not in picture)

In the first square, you could taste pineapple upon your first bite and it taste like pineapple pie. I could not really taste it's white chocolate. Number 2 square is Coffee Peanut. I liked it how I can taste coffee on my first bite and oatmeal on my next bite. It has a white chocolate top layer. Third square is Popcorn Butterscotch and this is my favorite. It really tasted good with the overpowering taste of popcorn and with popcorn tidbits. A little bit sweet, has a hard top layer, popcorn in the middle and graham at the bottom. The fourth one, is the Choco Peanut square. It tasted good especially if your fond of peanuts. It has a choco layer. Coconut Lime Square is the fifth one. You could taste lime and coconut upon your first bite. I didn't really like it's taste and ingredient combination. The last one is the Cappucino square (not in picture) which tasted awesome. I really loved it since it's texture, taste and looks was the same of Chocolate Mousse. Overall, my top three choices were Cappucino Square, Popcorn Butterscotch and Coffee Peanut. They all look mouth-watering and very affordable. You could purchase them at a price of P5.50-10.00 per piece or .12-.24 ¢ per piece.

Spoon Rating:
5 spoon = EXCELLENT taste,  5 spoon = EXCELLENT price


  1. Miss q na kayo pati ito .. super yummy ung inuwi nila mami.! Hope makatikim na ulit aq soon ;)

    1. miss kna din namin joyce..sna mkabalik ka d2 ilo2 pra mka pag bonding tayo ulit at makakain ka ng square goodies :)

  2. Replies
    1. indeed it is chin..I recommend you to try one ;)



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