Mang Inasal: Saging Melt

It was a hot day and I decided to eat something cold like Halo-halo. However, my mom and my sister wanted to eat rice and chicken in Mang Inasal. So, I decided to go with them thinking in mind that they have a cold dessert in their menu. When we arrived at their restaurant, "Saging Melt" caught my eye. Saging Melt is a combination of crushed ice, banana, evaporated milk, peanuts, vanilla ice cream and barquillos. It looks like halo-halo but with lesser ingredients and with banana as the main component.

The actual size was a bit small but in the picture it looks big. The taste was great especially with the peanuts. However, their vanilla ice cream was not that good since it's sorbetes. Sorbetes is a Philippine version of ice cream made from coconut milk. The price was great which was P29.00 or .69¢ for a small cup. Overall, the taste was good, but a little bit hanging.

Spoon Rating:
4 spoon = VERY GOOD taste  5 spoon = EXCELLENT price

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