Every time I'm passing by Mang Inasal restaurant, I'm always thinking of eating their yummy chicken and unlimited rice. Indeed, Mang Inasal is a big hit fast-food chain in the Philippines. It has a total of 228 branches  nationwide. Their menu mainly consist of grilled chicken and other sought-after Filipino dishes. You couldn't resist eating their famous tasty chicken inasal.
Recently they have intoduced their new addition to their menu which is "Dinuguan at Puto" which is a popular Filipino dish.

The first time I have tried it was not quite impressing. The actual size of the serving was quite small compared to its advertisement on the television and on tarpaulins which looks like a big bowl. I didn't like the taste of the "dinuguan" or "blood stew" the first time I took a taste of it. It was sour compared to the usual dinuguan that I eat that has a taste of a  sweet/sour and a little bit spicy. I was also disappointed with the "puto" or "rice cake". It tasted soggy compared to the usual puto which is spongy and slightly fluffy. The price was P49.00 or $1.16 which was good and very affordable.

Spoon Rating:
1 spoon = POOR taste  3 spoon = GOOD price

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