1. Foundation/Sunblock
   You should have this since you are always out in the sun. Protecting your face from harmful rays of the sun will prevent you from having wrinkles or early sign of aging.

 Tinted Facial Moisturizer by Myra E with SPF 15 (can be used as a makeup base)

2. Mascara
    Using mascara will help open your eyes thus making you look fresher. Always remember to never plump your mascara. By doing this, you are inserting air hence making the mascara dry quickly.

Volume Flash Mascara by Rimmel London

3. Blush on
    Applying blush on will help contour your cheek bones. Be sure to choose the right shade that's perfect for your skin tone.

Rosy Cheek Blush On by Careline

4. Lipstick
    Putting on a lipstick is a must for every women. It helps brighten your face instead of looking anemic or pale.

Off Beat Pink by Ever Bilena

5. Blotting paper
    Having it in your kit is also necessary especially if you have oily face or your sweating easily. Using blotting paper will help remove excess oil or sweat without removing your foundation or makeup.

Oil Control Sheet by Fitness

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