Are you a gym enthusiast? If yes, then this is the perfect diy for you.

Recently, I have fell in love with zumba. I have been dancing for a week now and I had fun doing it every morning. However, I was a little bit uncomfortable with my workout attire. As a workout or gym lover it is  important to wear the most comfortable outfit whenever you are in session. The reason for this is that having the suitable clothing helps you move easier. Thus, I decided to do this diy. So, here it is....

Old tshirt (the bigger the better)

1.Get your old tshirt.
2. Cut the neckline and bottom hem. Put aside the bottom hem. For the sleeves, cut downward starting from the shoulder and curve outwards down below the armpit seam. It depends on how thick you want your straps. Do the same to the other side.
3. Cut how low you want your front neckline.
4. Do the same to the back neckline, but this time make it more narrow.
5. Using the bottom hem, stretch it out until it becomes one long fabric. Knot the string a few inches above the  bottom of the v-shape. Wrap the string upwards until you reach the top and make a knot. Trim the loose ends.
6. Lay your shirt sideways and cut diagonally. This will give your shirt a high-low look.
7. Done!!!

This diy was very helpful to my daily workout. I can  move freely and comfortably. I hope you guys could try this too. Simple, easy and not time consuming. Actually, I have already made 3 workout shirts and I enjoyed wearing them.

Always remember....Be positive & Be creative! :)

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