Do you love accessories? Then, here's a great diy for you.

 If you like wearing unique pieces and has tons of old shirts, then a tshirt necklace is perfect for you. Having great pieces like these shows your hippie side. It is also best use during Christmas season where the weather is a bit cold.

Old tshirt

1.Get an old tshirt. Cut the bottom hem then start cutting the shirt horizontally. You can cut as many strips as you want.

2. Stretch the remaining strips until it goes long and it curls.
3. Get the bottom hem and cut the other end. Use it to knot around the strands to secure them in place.
3.Wrap the strip a few inches around the strands. Then trim the loose ends and tuck the knot underneath the fabric.
4. And viola!..your done :)

Always remember....Be positive & Be creative! :)


  1. This is a good DIY! Thanks for sharing. :) I'll try to find time and make my own. :)

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